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Industry Verticals

Our Consultants have diverse industry background and marry processes and technology suitable and relevant to solve the problems for that specific Industry.

Clothing Rack

01. Retail

Both Online and Offline Retail are experiencing the need to focus more on personalized experience and targeting of each of their consumers. Digital Transformation Initiatives in this Industry is specifically a challenge as sourcing the right data becomes a challenge. Partner with us and learn how our team can help you overcome this problem.

Image by Mech Mind

03. Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation Initiatives, be it with IoT or Industry 4.0. But there is more to Manufacturing than just sensors. Data is abundant but is diversified and unstructured. This is where our experience comes into play to make the data usable for further use.


02. Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods Industry is considered a laggard when it comes to Digital Transformation but given the need to work with Platforms to overcome the limitations of Pipeline Business Models, this will soon change. Partner with us to learn how you can compete with other platforms and not remain a legacy imcumbant anymore

Image by Nick Pampoukidis

04. Banking & Insurance

Banking and Insurance industries are innovators and need quick responses to the competetion. Our Agile Delivery Methodolgy perfectly suits to work with solutions for this industry with applications developed with microservices architecture and APIs. Partner now to see how are different than others in this Industry

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