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Leverage your platforms with network bridging to succeed

Updated: Feb 10

In my last post, I explained how Multi-Homing can be a big threat to Platform Companies and how they can overcome them.You can read the post with the link below

In this post, we talk about the last criteriea which is to build network bridges.

Network Bridging happens when the platform has multiple platforms and is connecting them together. This is a strategy which existing platforms take when they launch new platforms. For example, Amazon did this when they launched the kindle platform. They already had the users from the Amazon Marketplace with which they could gather enough users for Kindle and then got more publishers to publish Kindle version of their books. Another successful example is of Alibaba when they integrated the Alipay feature which was a payments platform into the Alibaba platform. So, the more the ability for the platform owner to bridge the networks, the more the and the ability to scale for that patform company.

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